What type of Yoga would suit me?

⭐️ Power Yoga with Katie Hunter on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. 

Expect a more aerobic and flowing yoga class, designed to create strength and length and relax your mind and body. 


⭐️ Deep flow with Tammy Furey (not available at the moment)

⭐️Pregnancy Yoga with Katie Hunter on Mondays, suitable for expecting mothers. 

Recommended after 12 weeks of pregnancy 
unless you already have a regular yoga practice. 

Why should I do Power Yoga?

 Power Yoga is a cardiovascular form of yoga and one that will increase you muscle strength and improve your flexibility and balance. This type of yoga is guaranteed to provide a physical workout resulting in significant body tone and shape changes. 


Katie has been teaching this type of yoga to men and women for years and she has had specialist training to help modify key poses for pregnant women within her normal class. 

Katie specialises in providing an energetic, seamless class, that will energise you so you will look forward to coming to the class every week. 
All postures can be modified to suit the individuals needs, so you can literally start where you are at and watch the positive changes to your body and mind evolve. 
All ages are welcome! 
Would you like to:
* Benefit from improved strength, stamina and flexibility ?
* Lose Fat ?
* Build muscle ?
* Enjoy a greater focus, energy and motivation ?
* Feel calm and relaxed ?
* Improve how you manage stress and deal with the challenges of life ?
Power Yoga can help you achieve all that and more. 

If you want yourself or your friends to experience the benefits of Power Yoga and a healthier lifestyle, why not get in touch right now by emailing poweryogastgallen@gmail.com


Katie also offers private classes



⭐️Scientific research has proved that the powerful effects of yoga, mindfulness and meditation can calm our minds and help us become happier and healthier⭐️

Katie Hunter at Power Yoga St. Gallen

Why should I do Deep Flow Yoga?

Tammy Furey at Power Yoga St. Gallen

How is it different?

1. We will start the session with 5 to 10 minutes of meditation. Your teacher, Tammy, specialises in meditation. She will guide you into a relaxed state that helps you to access the energy and focus that you need for the class and the rest of the week (whilst helping you to clear your head!).

2. The class is slower to allow you to slowly melt into the yoga poses. This isn't to say that you won't get a workout!

3. The class will have options and adaptions for all levels. 


Tammy is also an English Teacher and can help you improve your English as well as learning Yoga! Just ask for our vocabulary sheet to help you become familiar with common yoga phrases and terms. Tammy also speaks basic German to help you understand what is happening.



Any questions, please email poweryogastgallen@gmail.com